Greetings Zion Family,
As we begin our journey together during this new season in the life of Zion Missionary Baptist Church, I am glad to be here serving as your new Senior Pastor. It is my prayer during these 90 days of "Listening, Learning and Loving", that God will shower all of us with grace and mercy. I look forward to listening to the stories of Zion, learning about the ministry impact of the church and loving the people of Zion. 
I ask that you continue to pray for my family as we become familiar with the community and the church. I am excited about this journey! I am excited about what God is going to do through this church!
In this season of upgrade, God is going to take us to the next level so that we can make an even greater impact on our community. 

Happy New Year! 

Pastor Robert James

Twitter: @PstrRJ
InstaGram: @PstrRJ

Things Are Greening Up!

Written by Ina Allen.

Joel 2:22-25 “Fear not, wild animals! The fields and meadows are greening up. The trees are bearing fruit again: a bumper crop of fig trees and vines! Children of Zion, celebrate! Be glad in your GOD. He's giving you a teacher to train you how to live right--teaching, like rain out of heaven, showers of words to refresh and nourish your soul, just as He used to do. And plenty of food for your body, silos full of grain, casks of wine and barrels of olive oil. I’ll make up for the years of the locust, the great locust devastation, locusts savage, locusts deadly, fierce locusts, locusts of doom, that great locust invasion I sent your way. You’ll eat your fill of good food. You’ll be full of praises to your God, the God who has set you back on your heels in wonder. Never again will my people be despised.” MSG

There is a Name

Written by LaJauna Ellis.

As a little girl growing up in New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Eunice, LA, I loved singing in the children's choir – the Sunshine Band. Songs like "Jesus Loves Me"; "He's Got the Whole World" and "This Little Light of Mine" were some of my favorites. We had fun in the choir and at 7 and 8 years old, with our whole lives ahead of us, singing was just that – a fun activity.
Then, there was the youth choir. While in the Sunshine Band, my mind could not fully grasp the meaning of the songs they sang but I couldn't wait to be in the youth choir. Turning 13 was one of the best days of my life because I knew when the next youth choir rehearsal date arrived, I would be there. And what a time we had! The songs were now a little bit more sophisticated, like "Ride on King Jesus." We had to learn parts – a step up from the Sunshine Band – and we rehearsed more, to get it just right for Sunday morning. I thought we were good enough for a recording contract. Yet, I still did not have the experiences where I could relate what I was singing to my life. We sang to sound good, to make others feel good, and quite honestly, for us to hear the applause that made us feel good. Whereas in the Sunshine Band, singing was just for fun, in the Youth Choir, it was a performance.
It wasn't until I had lived a little more and had been through some things that the songs I had been singing became real to me. They were no longer just beats but a blessing. No longer just music but a message. No longer just lyrics but the true love of Jesus.

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