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Name Position Phone Suburb State
Pastor Robert James Senior Pastor Ph. 770-993-8587 Roswell Georgia
Rev. Trey Daniel Minister of Youth & Children 1-770-993-8587 Roswell Georgia
Deidre Evans Minister of Music & Worship Arts 1-770-993-8587 x104 Roswell Georgia
Deacon Fred Byrd Church Business Administrator 1-770-993-8587 x103 Roswell Georgia
Brother Wilbert Davis Facilities Manager 1-770-993-8587 x136 Roswell Georgia
Dr. Willie Caldwell Minister of Christian Education 1-770-993-8587 x128 Roswell Georgia
Deaconess Marva Ogilvie Bookkeeper 1-770-993-8587 x107 Roswell Georgia
Sister Connie Hart Administrative Assistant 1-770-993-8587 x107 Roswell Georgia
Deaconess Angela Bolden Church Secretary Ph. 770-993-8587 x100 Roswell Georgia